Who has clear thoughts, can make clear statements.

I advise first-class.

I represent your interests on the highest level. That means: Intelligently, efficiently and pragmatically. I advise with absolute passion and never lose sight for the essence: To achieve the best possible solution for you.

I think outside the box.

I love challenges. Where others give up, I go unconventional routes. First class legal advise with vision means to also follow progressive methods at times, to achieve the goal on new paths.

No mandate is the same.

I do not only analyse the legal situation, but also view the special circumstances of your case and its individual context. Only that way we will be successful together.

Trust is the basis.

To represent your interests successfully, it does not only require negotiation strength and assertiveness. It is just as important to have the empathy for your individual interests and needs. I have made the experience that a client trusts a lawyer, if he presents all options transparent and comprehensible, so you can make your decisions out of conviction.

Those are the special abilities and competences that you really need.